Hospitality or Hotel industry have a very bright future now and in the days to come. This industry has the highest job opportunities in India compare to any other industry according to Times of India newspaper. After completion of hospitality course a student can opt for career in various other sectors also like retail, airline, hospitals etc. There is a great demand of skilled hotel or bar professionals in the industry which is going to increase many times in years to come. There are huge prospects of getting a job abroad in this industry and many of our students are earning good salary packages abroad. Bar is an integral part of Food & Beverage Service Department in hotels. Also, there are many high quality stand-alone bars in almost all the major cities of India which provide excellent job opportunities with handsome salaries and lots of other facilities like free food & accommodation, service charge, medical facilities and so on.

A Bartender is a passionate person who specializes in formulating beverages and are also called Mixologists and Bartending is his/her profession. At Kossmo we train students in a professional environment to help them succeed in this profession and achieve their goals. We individually treat our students and guide them according to their strengths and weaknesses.

The World of Kossmo comes with a backbone of 25 years of experience of the founding members.The expansive experience of the founders in the hotel and bartending industry assist our students in fulfilling their requirements, like getting a good job placement and to shape their future in a professional way. We focus on overall development of our students that's why our course also includes Personality Development sessions, Spoken English and other facilities to prepare them for the challenges of the industry.

Kossmo provides a platform for the young talents to gain knowledge and develop skill sets to become successful in the industry. We counsel, train and guide aspiring hoteliers and prepare them for this competitive industry. We are always there at their assistance even after their placement in the industry as their Mentors.

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